A Lovely Blogger Award 2

Hey!! Look! I’m lovely!! I’m really grateful to Reality of Life ( https://wp.me/p9hjdf-2h ) for thinking me worthy of this award. I haven’t known her for long but I can tell you that she has got an amazing blog there. Do check it out. (I’m sorry but I’m not sure if she is a girl, as…

Wandering in the sky. 

Originally posted on !ns¡ght:
?Wandering in the sky, along with soul full winds and Like? the falcon I flew scathing in the beautiful sky that spreads down the horizon.? Where the sun sets in the orange sky.? I left behind the tyranny that worlds have.? I cannot fathom the atrocities done.? ? ?The desert…

Paper Plane

Winter in Kolkata is very pleasant and soothing. It is like the relaxing touch of cool hands on the forehead when one is just about to fall asleep. The heat of the sun is warm yet not searing. You can smell a scent of December in the air, in the cold feet under the blanket…

Experimenting 4

And then the confusion arises again, And drowns the normal vision  The invisible bars start coming closer You grope around for an open door, trying to find one,  But no, there isn’t one…. Or maybe there is. Suddenly the world seems to collapse around you….. It’s maddening to the desperate you! It goes topsy-turvy… The…


Let’s go somewhere Where there won’t be pain; A place where we’ll be happy And will never be sad again. Let’s find Peace again. I heard she’s long gone. It’s really hard to find her, Even if we try all day, till dawn. There’ll be problems But still, let’s not frown. No matter how bad…

Experimenting 3

Soft pastel on coloured paperboard (black) I know, not really great. Used this medium after a long time.

Experimenting 2

Salt and watercolour I will be out of town for a while, so I won’t be able to post anything or read yours. See ya soon guys 😊


Experimenting is the source of invention…. No matter how bad the result may turn out to be, it can open a new door. Used: Mixed media paper watercolour, spirit (nail polish remover ELLE18), black pen (micro)