Not this time

I apologise for being me

I am so sorry, can you help?

I don’t want to be this mess

This useless pile of bone and flesh.

Please take me away,

Go on rip me apart, I beg

From this foe that I call ‘myself’

I’m asking again, can you help?

Save me, hide me, heal me,

Please don’t let me touch me.

I am tired of the horrible pains

Of the polluted blood in the dark veins

It’s been too long for me

I still hope you are not late.

I apologise for having me in me!

You see, there is nothing else I can be

Don’t leave me in my hands

Not this time yet again please!

I’m in danger can’t you really see?

Of not being like others, but being me.


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  1. Shayra says:

    Touching and depressing .Well written👍.Dark side

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      1. Shayra says:

        Welcome buddy😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Didn’t tell you, I like the name Sumayra


      3. Yes. Mispelled. But really nice name. Has a ring about it


      4. Shayra says:

        Ring about it ,means?

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      5. Nice feeling. You see, it sounds interesting


      6. Shayra says:

        Yes,it sounds sweet😊


  2. Kaycee says:

    Yeah….. Wait you want to die??

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    1. Ummm…. Haven’t worked out the plan yet
      Just kidding, no, I was just in a dark mood.
      Aren’t you posting anything new?

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      1. Kaycee says:

        Lol Maybe..

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      2. Waiting for your new posts

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      3. Kaycee says:

        I’ve posted.

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    1. Can’t open the link….


  3. Tapasi says:

    But I like you for being you….you and me are more or less same….and if it is, then you’re telling me to hate myself?….but I love myself….and you should my sis❤

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    1. Yes, sis, you should love yourself. But I was going through a dark time. I’m fine and I want you to be fine. Ok? Be happy and be yourself. ❤


      1. Tapasi says:

        Everybody goes through dark moments. I’ve gone through recently. But I’m fine now. If you feel like sharing the reason that was darkening your days….I’m always one message away❤

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      2. Yes, I know. But I don’t really have any particular reason. It’s just school and stuff. Good that you are fine. Text if you need to share. I’m right here ❤


      3. Tapasi says:

        ❤❤❤be happy


  4. Sreeblogs says:

    Wow I really liked the way you conveyed the emotions…the whole concept of ‘ save me from myself’ is superb👍

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