On Their Own

He brandished his silver sword from its golden scabbard and pulled the reins of his huge black stallion, looking beautiful with the fiery sun rays glistening against its shiny coat. He pointed the sword at the enemy. The long, thin, whetted double-edged sword glittered, ready to take down any creature it was assigned to fight with. The stallion galloped with its master’s sharp kicks, galloped towards the huge creature.

The creature was infurated at this gesture of the rider. Its whole, red, furry body shook in rage. The sharp blood red ridges on its back spurt green acid. The huge legs, long, thin and furry with reptile like claws, stomped on the uneven ground and the thin, long, reptilian hands with long dirty, white claws tried to grab the rider. But the rider was too clever to get in its grasp. However, the face of this monster was a sight to behold. A huge ivory like horn protruding from its forehead, giving the long face a more elongated appearance, the flat bridge of the nose with its huge nostrils, the dark pitch black eyes and long ears, the dry, scarlet mouth with sharp, enormous, yellow teeth, a sharp black forked tongue, all gave it a furious, bloodthirsty look. 

Clash! The rider’s sword clashed against one of the claws. The impact was great on the rider and the stallion backed a bit. Again the rider charged. His dark armour shone as he fearlessly raised his sword and aimed at the monster’s belly. But the creature kept blocking his way, trying to grab him. The sword clashed multiple with the claws, weakening the impact of the blows. But once it couldn’t dodge a blow and the rider was thrown off the stallion. He hit the ground hard, with three claw marks perforating his armour and taking off chunks of flesh off his body. His helmet had fallen three feet away, revealing his dark brown hair, toughened, strong jawed, scarred face and bright green eyes.

The rider crawled away and his trusted stallion galloped to his side. His scarlet blood reddened the dark hay coloured sand as he tried to sit up, wincing, with the pain blinding him. But he was moulded to tolerate and accept the pain, not to surrender to it. He stood up and steadied himself, ignoring the profusely bleeding wounds. Then he lifted his foot to the stirrups and with on jump and swift movement of the abdomen and legs, he was on his horse. He had to take the creature down. He was determined to do so, now more than ever. The creature, almost double the size of the rider, was tired too. The rider took the opportunity and charged again, this time, with more courage than before. The stallion responded to its master’s kick and jumped high, high enough for the rider to target the creature’s shoulder and aim a massive blow. The creature billowed in pain as it lost its balance and almost fell from the intensity of the blow. The long wound bled bright crimson. The rider took advantage of the situation and struck the fiend on the face, almost cutting it in halves, pulling the sword down its belly, but unfortunately, not embedding it deep enough . Then again, before the beast could feel the pain or realize what was happening, our hero swung the sword in an arch and cut off the long horn. Slowly then, the rider moved away, breathing heavily as the now defeated beast swung his head from side to side, spitting blood and spewing more acid from its volcano like ridges. 

The rider backed away to catch his breath, keeping safe distance from the acid as the monster writhed in agony. His shoulders were screaming in affliction, his wounds had painted his dark armour bright red and he couldn’t keep his back straight. But he didn’t let go of the chance to kill the brute. He again pulled the reins of his beautiful beast and galloped towards the monster, this time, closing in for a kill.

The creature hadn’t recovered completely from the pain, but it was coming to its senses. It tried to move back as it saw the rider approach, with a deadly glint in his sword. But the wound on its shoulder was deep, it’s face and belly were dripping with thick, viscous blood and the impact of the horn being chopped off was too much. It couldn’t move fast enough to avoid the sword which was then implanted in its heart.

The rider dismounted his horse slowly. He didn’t go close to the apparently dead creature. He knew better than to do so. He went to the place where he had fallen and picked up his helmet. He brushed the sand off it’s bright yet dark blue crest. Putting it on, he carefully tiptoed to the giant body, checking for any sign of life. Finding none, he yanked his sword off its chest and ensheathed it. Then he looked up at the sky. It was evening already. The clouds, red, pink and violet, were bidding the vermillion sun farewell for the day.

Finally, the village was safe from the creature. It would not longer take away their cattle and sheep. The dogs and cats would remain unharmed. Thinking so, the hero of the village mounted his stallion and rode away towards the horizon, satisfied that he had killed a monster.

He slept peacefully that night, unaware that he was responsible for more than one death.

Far off, three tiny beastlings were licking the bloody face of their mother, screeching in their shrill voice, trying to wake her up. With no-one to bring them food and defending them, they had no chance of surviving on their own.


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  1. magarisa says:

    Even monsters have kids to take care of. Such vivid descriptions!

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      1. Ah, relieved. Thanks a lot

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      2. magarisa says:

        You’re welcome.

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      3. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

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  2. Kaycee says:

    Wonderful. Phew!! I thought the rider will die; I was praying for him silently as I read it.. Good one ; excellently Good. Beautiful description. Sorry it’s coming late

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, it’s alright. We don’t get enough free time to check other blog posts. Thanks πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ


  3. This is good. Different emotions and from what you write. Way to go sissy…. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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    1. Thanks bro 😊😊


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